About Me

My name is Amir. I specialize in front-end web development and design. I got involved in web development ever since I was introduced to the web. I focus on writing clean code and creating an accessible and user centric design. Although the passion in my work is focused on the design part, I pride myself on my ability to build elegant front-end tools with powerful back-ends. Since quality is a key factor in what I do, I also decided to learn software QA to be able to work more professionally and add more quality to the work. When not making websites, I build and code IoT devices, contribute to open-source projects and study cybersecurity. For me, the world of IT and computer science has endless points of interest, and I'm always looking forward to learning something new and getting better in what I already know.


Secret Diary

Postcode Finder

This simple postcode finder web app came out as a project from a Udemy web development practice course for RESTful APIs. Playing around with Google's Geocoding API and extracting the data of a specific address from an XML file and parsing it using AJAX. Pretty cool and powerful stuff!

Startup Project

Worked on the client-side development of a collaboration and design management tool called "DropReview". It helps marketers produce marketing materials faster and better by streamlining workflows and shifting ownership over graphic materials From design vendors to the brand owner.
Artist Website

Artist Website

A portfolio containing the biography, the work and creations of the renowned artist Kher Fody. Built with a full responsive and interactive design.
Photography Website

Photography Website

A portfolio website for a professional photographer and artist based on WordPress and built in HTML5 format with optimized mobile display.
Gaming Website

Gaming Website

Built in 2007 using a french gaming CMS called "Nuked-Klan". Although every CMS comes with a pre-written code, I modified almost 70% of it using just a text editor at the time. It has four themes I made using Photoshop.
Educational Website

Educational Website

This one was the first serious project made for an educational insitution. It's a content management portal designed for teachers to create workshops for kids in kindergarten and elementary schools.

More About Me

I was born in Acre "Akka", moved and spent my early teenage years for college in Germany. I dropped out of college very soon to be able to focus on web development. I do however, still have interest in Computer Science in general, It's something I keep wanting to pursue with a focus on web development. Outside of work, my interests include video games (MMORPG), reading (Science), music (Rock, Metal, Techno), travelling around the world, watching TV series (Rick and Morty, Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Black Mirror, Stranger Things). Aside from my passion for web development and design, I also have deep interest in open-source hardware (Arduino) and cybersecurity.

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